How Can I find my way when I am lost?

Psalm 119:105  Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.

Traveling around Kampala can be very difficult. It is even worse for people who are visiting the country for their first time.  Recently I was traveling with a friend who is in Uganda for his second time and he asked me how in the midst of “all this chaos” one can locate where he is supposed to go. Trying to play it cool, I told him that there was order in what was apparently messy. In this kind of situations it is easy for one to get lost. In places like Kampala, one way to ensure that you don’t get lost—forever—is to identify a few landmarks, such as tall buildings. These will be your guides because you can always tell your location in relation to your key landmark.

Life, especially Christian life, is also a journey. We need to be guided in order to live lives that please God. The bible tells us that God’s “word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path”. How can we make sure that we are not lost during our spiritual journey? By living according to the Word of God. God’s word is like a landmark. It gives you very important information about your life: where you came from, where you are, where you are going and, most importantly, how to get there.

I would like to encourage you to love God’s word. Read it; study it; obey it and you will never get lost.