What did Jesus Do?

During my college days, I used to like the WWJD wristbands and tee-shirts. I think that whoever came up with the “what would Jesus do” idea or movement had very good intentions. They must have wanted Christians to have the right kind of Christ-like attitude—and perhaps corresponding actions—in every situation they encountered.  But the truth is that we cannot know with certainty what Jesus would actually do in each and every situation we encounter. Jesus’ actions almost always shocked everyone, even those closest to Him. They were unconventional and counter-culture.


But there was also something predictable about Jesus in whatever He did; He wanted to please the Father. I think that the more realistic motivation for us is to ask “what did Jesus do,” or WDJD if you will. He touched as cleansed lepers, ate and drank with sinners, was anointed by former prostitutes. He reached out to those regarded as the riffraff of the society. He loved those who rejected Him. He died for those who crucified Him.

What did Jesus do? He forfeited His divine privileges, came down to our level, and suffered for our sake. He was not indifferent to human rebellion and predicament. He was not judgmental. He gave His own life for ours. That is the life He lived for us to emulate. He laid down His life for us, so we ought to lay it down for others (1 John 3:16). And yes, he told us “Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them” (John 13:17).


Fragrant Love

John 12:1-8

When you think of buying a gift for your friend what comes to your mind? Some people may think of the price, others think about the gift’s utility, others think about the friend’s feelings and preferences.

Mary poured her expensive oil on the feet of Jesus. She did not pour on the head but on the feet – an expression of humility. She poured her most expensive perfume that cost a fortune – one year’s wages on the feet. In that culture feet were considered very dirty and only house-hold slaves would wash the guest’s feet after a days walk in the dusty roads. By she did not stop there, she wiped Jesus’ feet with her hair. Again, in that culture, a woman’s beauty honor was in her hair. So, not only was her action sacrificial it was also self-degrading, so to speak. It was not a show; it was fragrant worship at work.

You see, our worship to God is fragrant when it is unreserved and overflowing from our hearts. True worship is when we see God for who He is: Great and Awesome, and us for who we are – unworthy and nothing apart from Him. It is when we acknowledge that “I am what I am because of you.” Fragrant worship is not a duty but an outflow of our love for God.

Happy Valentines Day!!

God’s Presence Our Greatest Passion

Luke 10:38-42  

If you were to reduce life to only one thing what would that be? One’s profession, degrees, position in a company, money? How do you define life? What is your life metaphor? Life is really about relationships. We were created for relationships. We are relational beings.

Some people, even Christians, find it a strange idea to fall in love with God. They would rather view God as their provider, protector, a Holy God, great and awesome but not a friend. Of course these other attributes of God are all true, but God has primarily revealed Himself to us as a God of relationship.

What makes the two sisters different in this story in Luke 10:38-42? Mary was unbothered, concentrating, listening to the Words of the Jesus, but on the other hand Martha was distracted, bothered and complaining about her work and other people. Why? Mary sat at the feet of Jesus listening to what he said, but Martha was distracted by all the serving. But wait a minute: What was Martha distracted from? What was she supposed to be doing?

Distractions cause us to lose our focus or attention – our passion. What are the things do you find distracting you from having a meaningful relationship with God? Someone defined relationship as T-I-M-E – TIME. Relationships require time. We devote enormous amounts of time to things or people we like most – just think about it: how much time do you spend watching your favorite TV shows, playing your favorite games, updating your status and reading other people’s updates on Facebook!

What are you passionate about? Does the notion of being in love with Jesus excite you? Is being in God’s presence, in his embrace; like Mary, sitting at His feet listening to him, your greatest passion? Do you have special time for your best friend, Jesus? Remember relationship is all about time; quality time. And the time needs to be prime time – time when you are most alert.

Friends, all the things we do in this world will come to an end, even great ministries. There is only one thing that will endure through eternity and that is our relationship with God – our fellowship with Him. We will forever be in His presence. I want to make God’s presence my greatest passion this week and this month and for the rest of my life. How are you going to make God’s presence your passion? My prayer is that your passion will be for the only ONE; your BEST LOVER – Jesus Christ. God bless you.