The Appearance of Things

Thank Mosze. This, like many of your other reflections, is apt


Today, most schools are opening and so children are headed back to study. As the years go by, trends keep changing and cultures evolve. I heard a story this past week of one of my nieces who goes to a mixed school, who needs four dresses for her prom. Yes, FOUR DRESSES! I once attended a wedding where the bride changed three times, and it was too much for me. Now young people in school need four dresses for prom? I wonder if the boys must have changing suits as well!

Imagine the social pressure these young people are facing! How did we come to this? Is it even enjoyable? The rant aside, I think it’s part of human nature, reinforced by social pressure to have an “appearance of things”. We care more about what things look like than what they really are. Jesus once talked about those who clean…

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