How to be a Fruitful Follower of Christ

Luke 19:11-26

Key Verse: 13 So he called ten of his servants and gave them ten minas. ‘Put this money to work,’ he said, ‘until I come back.’ [NIV}

The parable in this passage provides us with a Biblical framework of Stewardship. In this story we see three important aspects of stewardship:

1. The King: Who is God

2. The Stewards: Humanity [all of us whether we believe in God or not] 3.

The Task [Mina]: The Resources God has endowed us with.

A steward is a person who is entrusted with another person’s property. Biblical stewardship is hinged on the fact that God owns everything and he has appointed us to be managers of his creation.

The King – Jesus Christ He went and will return as King. He owns everything. We are simply stewards. When he comes he will demand accountability from us.

The Servants – There are faithful servants; there are also wicked (rebellious) servants. The wicked servants hated the King. They did nothing about what the King had assigned them to do. The lesson here is that our opinions and sentiments about Jesus can’t and won’t change who he is. he remains God and Lord over all.

The Mina (Ministry/Occupation/Vocation/Calling): Each one of us has been given something to do. We all have opportunities to make a difference for the Lord Jesus Christ: Time, Opportunities, Relationships, Talents, Spiritual Gifts

“Engage in business until I come.” [ESV] v. 13. Every child of God is called to be of influence; a world changer. Elsewhere Jesus uses the image of salt and light to describe his followers’ relationship with the world (see Matthew 5: 14 – 16). God has called us to be faithful. The test of faithfulness is fruitfulness. A faithful Christian is a fruitful person. Whenever you despise yourself and underrate what you can do for God, you are in effect undermining and despising the One who created, saved and called you.

Everyone has a sphere of influence. What is your sphere of influence? What are your Spiritual Gifts, Abilities, Habits, Personality and Experiences? How are you using them to change the world around you for God?

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