1 Samuel 22:1-5  

A cave is a weird place to find yourself in. Caves are for the destitute; those have no places to stay. Caves are for fugitives who are on the run from their enemies. Caves are homes of wild animals. A cave is the last place you would expect to find a leader.  Yet a DREAMER finds himself at one point in a cave as a place of  refuge, not comfort.

David was in a cave at Addulam. He wasn’t comfortable but at least he was safe from Saul who was pursuing his life. His life situation serves as a lesson for us in at least four ways.

  1. Regardless of where you find yourself, your DREAM is always with you.

God has called many of us to be DREAMERS at different levels, whether we are mothers, fathers, teachers, big brothers or sisters, ministry leaders, or in any place of responsibility. Yet we keep telling ourselves that we will respond to God’s call when conditions are perfect. David did not have the money to give those who were in debt. He was not raising an army to fight an established government (he did it for his own protection).

When you are a DREAMER, soon or later, people will start identifying leadership qualities qualities in you. They will ignore the counsel of those in palaces and locate you in a cave. People are looking for DREAMERS who see situations not just as they are but what they could be. Great men and women do not go around looking for leadership. Instead leadership finds them. Great leaders do not impose themselves on people but people see the exceptional qualities in them and start following them.

Often times God will bring people your way who will need your help. They may not be great people, not rich ones, not the clean and shaven ones but those in distress, in debt and the discontented. They were those kinds of people that David enlisted as his soldiers. Anyone could have easily dismissed them as misfits of society but in them were great great leaders and champions.

People are looking for someone to identify with them. They are not looking for kings in palaces, but for people with real answers to their questions whether those leaders are in caves or not. Plato said that “those who don’t hold to power are qualified to hold it.”

2.   A DREAMER sees beyond the natural.

A DREAMER sees beyond what everyone sees. Everyone has the capacity to see the natural. When everyone is seeing a bush, a dreamers sees a city. When everyone is seeing distressed, indebted and discontented people, a dreamer sees great, debt-free and fulfilled warriors.

When everyone was seeing a huge lifeless marble rock, Michelangelo was seeing beautiful sculptures hidden in that rock that would become wonders of the world.

A DREAMER improves the status of those around him. He may not necessarily have the material things to give out, but he gives insights and ideas that will bring change and transformation to those who care to listen and learn. In a nutshell, DREAMERS exercise their responsibilities regardless of their circumstances.

3.      DREAMERS make decisions

When his life was in danger, David did not just sit there and wait to die. He chose to run away from Saul and go into hiding. He knew that it was not time for him to die. He also did not want to shed unnecessary blood.  Even in the cave he had to look for a place where his mother and father could stay.

Many times we do not choose what happens to us but we choose how to respond to whatever circumstances we encounter. David did not fault his parents for following him in the cave. He did not tell them to go back to the village. DREAMERS identify the problem and give clear solutions. The capacity of any DREAMER is determined by his or her ability to make decisions, especially during times of crisis. When bad people burn and bomb cities, good people must build and bind. Again, DREAMERS exercise their responsibilities regardless of their circumstances.

4.    DREAMERS listen to the counsel of the Godly people in their lives.

If I may ask you, who is that significant person that has been speaking into your life of late? As a DREAMER you need to know the people God has put in your way to help you. There are people God will always use to speak into your life and counsel you. Sometimes your judgment of things may be inaccurate.  For instance at a certain time when I was dating my fiance, someone had to tell me that it was time to start serious preparations. We had dated for a long time and the excuse was that there was no money for the wedding. But once we stared the process, God provided all that we needed.

The Story of David’s Leadership ends in a very interesting and inspiring way. 2 Samuel 23:8  “These are the names of David’s mighty men: Josheb-Basshebeth, a Tahkemonite, was chief of the Three; he raised his spear against eight hundred men, whom he killed in one encounter.” From a band of destitute, indebted, and discontented people, David grew raised mighty army! That’s what dreamers do. Will you be one of them?

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