Fragrant Love

John 12:1-8

When you think of buying a gift for your friend what comes to your mind? Some people may think of the price, others think about the gift’s utility, others think about the friend’s feelings and preferences.

Mary poured her expensive oil on the feet of Jesus. She did not pour on the head but on the feet – an expression of humility. She poured her most expensive perfume that cost a fortune – one year’s wages on the feet. In that culture feet were considered very dirty and only house-hold slaves would wash the guest’s feet after a days walk in the dusty roads. By she did not stop there, she wiped Jesus’ feet with her hair. Again, in that culture, a woman’s beauty honor was in her hair. So, not only was her action sacrificial it was also self-degrading, so to speak. It was not a show; it was fragrant worship at work.

You see, our worship to God is fragrant when it is unreserved and overflowing from our hearts. True worship is when we see God for who He is: Great and Awesome, and us for who we are – unworthy and nothing apart from Him. It is when we acknowledge that “I am what I am because of you.” Fragrant worship is not a duty but an outflow of our love for God.

Happy Valentines Day!!

2 thoughts on “Fragrant Love

  1. Your words are a fragrance to us! Thank you for sharing & Happy Valentines Day to y’all!

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