Weak Yet Strong

Text: Judges 6:14

There is a way we often look at ourselves because of the circumstances around us that makes us underestimate what God could do in and through us.. Gideon and all the people of Israel were living under great fear because of their enemies. Gideon too thought that he could not do anything for his country. He thought that he was the least in their family and their clan was the least in their tribe. But we see that God had a different plan for Gideon although he was the least of the least.

We sometimes feel the same way Gideon did. Maybe we do not have opportunities that other people have. We think that if we had more money, went to better schools, were in a bigger church, were born in a better family, …then we would make a great difference.  Many times we envy those whom we think are better than us, and we fail to see how much God has blessed us. Yet God looks at us differently. He uses us in our weaknesses to do great works in His kingdom so that He alone will receive the glory. God wants to use you. You only need to do one thing: To give yourself to him. He wants to use you despite your limitations.

There are two things we can learn in today’s passage:

  1. Do not focus on what you do not have but rather on what you have – that little strength.
  2. God is with you–and that is what makes all the difference.

My Weakness + Gods Presence =  Great Strength  



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